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On this page, I will be adding poetry I have written. If you like them you can use them but please take note that these are copywrited works and I will take whatever action necessary in keeping them that way. I take this sort of thing very personal. Thank you and I hope you enjoy them.

Nightly Thoughts
When I lay down at night,
Your chest is my pillow,
You're body heat, my blanket,
Your arms, the strength for tomorrow.
My fingers touch your face,
I feel your breath on my skin,
There is nothing that can replace,
My feeling of comfort within.
I inhale deeply,
The scent of you intoxicating,
I smile slightly, my eyes close,
No fear of you awakening.
You sleep so peaceful,
So content and calm,
I love you more with each breath you take,
Yet so many tell me that you are wrong.
My heart knows what it wants,
And true love is what I believe,
I smile once more,
Then I sleep.
April Puckett
Thursday - December 2, 2004

Eyes Wide Open
If your eyes are open
Then why is your heart closed,
If your ears are listening,
Then why do my words surprise you so.
Why do you say you love some one
When you are uncapable of love,
Lying to me to get what you want
Is something I am sick of.
If I left, would you care,
Would you miss me if one day
I was to dissapear.
Into the darkness,
Leaving no trace,
Giving you the only thing left of me,
The memory of my face.
Maybe to you I am already gone,
I vanish when you close your eyes,
My love goes numb,
When you fill my heart with lies.
Fantasy becomes reality,
When the time your eyes finally open,
Nowhere will I be found,
I will have left you in the dream you live in.
April Puckett
Sunday - August 3, 2004

Immortal Confusion

So many times I lay awake at night,
listening to my thoughts, trying not to cry.
Why did you leave, and where did you go,
So many questions unanswered,
So many things I need to know.
You tell me you love me and that you will never stray,
There are so many things you want to do, and to many people get in your way.
You say all these things, yet act so different,
You make me want to hide in darkness,
Thinking my life is all but spent.
It is my love that binds,
And my heart continually cries,
Crying out for you to listen and learn,
If I had to live without you,
I would surely wither and burn.
Engulfed in flames, with no name.
Because I've lived in complete dillusion,
In this state of my immortal confusion.

April Puckett
Sunday - July 25, 2004


Let me show you what immortality is all about.