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"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

OK guys... if you are not here then lemme know.

Loveme (Muh Seestor) - What can I say about you hunny? You are my best friend and we have been through so much. I do not know what I would do without you. You are a very special person to me and always remember that all you will ever need is a good friend and that no man can ever take the place of a good friendship.

JD - Oh good grief. Man... you are indescribeable. If the world could put you into words, it would take a lifetime to explain. I've known ya forever and you know I loves ya! *Hugs* Muahz!!! Remember, you can run, you can hide... but in the end, I always find ya. LOL

Corey - Ahhh muh Bigg stupid one. LOL Sorryz, that is your name on yahoo. Anyways, you may think I am the devil but ya know what, I will ALWAYS be some one's Angel. Whether you like it or not. Just don't go tellin' everyone my secrets. heehee Keep in touch and I may still DJ later down the road. Not sure yet.

Jellybelly - Muh Jelly hunny!! Girl, you crack me up. I have known ya forever and not once have you let some one change you. Always be you and don't worry about other people. You are one of those ones that has been there for me and I appreciate everything. I love ya girl.

Peg - Girl, you just kick ass. That is all I can say about you. We get along great and I will always DJ for you and support whatever you do 100% because that is just the type of friend I am. Keep in touch and stay the bitch you think you are. LOL Although, I don't think you are. 

Shy - Girl... if one more car breaks down and I have to drive it I am going to kill you. Especially if it is a stick shift. LOL No man is going to come in between our friendship ever again and I am so glad that we are still friends after everything that has happened. I love you and Dewey and the boys so much girl. Stay groovy.

Frankie - Oh boy... I do not have time to write a book about you. LOL All I can say is keep being you and although I may sometimes make wrong decisions keep staying where you are. You are a good friend and a good person. And don't worry... we will find the right woman for you. One of these days. LOL She is out there somewhere... we just gotta look. And no more coming over to fix my PC at 2 in the morning ya big pain in the ass. heehee Muahz!! 

 Phantom - Matt, Matt, Matt... for the final time, I am not a pain in the ass. You're gonna have to prove it first. LOL Thanks for being there and quit complaining about missin your woman. I don't care!! lmao

 Vic - Alright muh little Thundergod... ya need to chill out on a lot of things but we will not go into that here... lol Anyways, you're a cool person and keep looking for that one woman that will love you back and love you for you. When the time is right, you will know it. Ya goober. 

Bacchus - MY LEE!!! Oh gawd, what could I possibly say to you that you do not already know already... heehee Well ya know I misses ya lots and I need to come and see the new house. I am lookin' forward to it. You are such an awesome person in so many ways. I tell you that evertime I talk to you. So I do not think I need to tell ya over and over again. Keep in touch ALWAYS.

Chris - Hunny... you know what we talk about... and you know what I think. You know what is going on and I have one thing to say, everything I tell you is true and time will give us what we need.

Let me show you what immortality is all about.