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Forsaken Love

My Forsaken Love

Not every vampire is destined to spend eternity alone. I have been truely blessed to find my one immortal companion to share the rest of my lifetime with. Now I shall tell you of our story.
Not every story is like me and my loves. We have loved, we have strayed, I have become his seeker, and him my maker, in more ways than one. To have knowledge is to have power. The more knowledge you aquire, the more powerful you become. Your ability to read others is more clear as well as the ability to open your eyes to the things around you. These are just some of the things this man has taught me. I have not fully tuned my abilities completely. But everyday I am learning. Everyday I become a stronger being. And he is the teacher as well as the student. All the while he was teaching me, I was inspiring his identity. He is a better man today than he ever was. And I love him more deeply now than I ever have before. He is the only one that has been able to open me like a book, read the pages inside and understand every word written.
The common phrase 'Gone to hell and back' does not even describe the things we have been through. We created our hellish paradise on earth and we a a strong unit. Neither one in front or behind, but at eachothers side. That is where we belong. We are equals. I believe that we were destined to find one another. This man is truely my soul mate. So Mikal, this is for you. My love, my reason for life, and my soul mate eternally. I love you.

Forsaken Loves
Together For All Of Eternity


Let me show you what immortality is all about.